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News press university-enterprise cooperation opening ceremony
Posted on:2016-07-07

At 8:30 a.m. on July 5, 2016, my company and the institute of materials science and engineering, zhejiang university university-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony and the teaching practice base held a grand opening ceremony in my company.I’m chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhao Guangnong, deputy general manager Ms. Wu, chief engineer Huang Zhencai YuXiaoMing, management consultants, production vice President Yuan Jianfeng, li-xing Chen, materials science and engineering college, zhejiang university, professor liu fu, WuZhenTai, vice President of the senior engineer and senior engineer, senior engineer ray only Zhang Sheng attended the signing and opening ceremony.

Force on the signing ceremony of the company deputy general manager ms wu hongying to speak on behalf of the enterprise: "the 21st century is the era of knowledge economy, science and technology innovation and management innovation have become two engines; to promote rapid development of economy and society, and rely on innovation is all kinds of high quality practical talents. Talent is the biggest resource of enterprise rapid development and vitality. The establishment of the practice base for our enterprise and the college of materials science and engineering, zhejiang university, has far-reaching significance not only help us attract more outstanding graduates employment to enterprises, but also to provide school graduates employment practice platform, hands-on ability, improve the graduates to enhance their ability to participate in social competition, the enterprises into the school education teaching and practice of the second classroom, at the same time also hope that the school can become enterprise of scientific research, personnel, technology research and development base. Finally realizes the school, the students, the enterprise tripartite win-win! So as to further promote the development of university-enterprise cooperation deep."

Professor at the signing ceremony on li-xing Chen, vice President of the school introduction, talent training and future development has made the detailed introduction, and said to the further cooperation between colleges and carry out more conducive to for the society, for enterprises to develop more practical innovative, practical compound talents.

Then, in the warm applause, Zhao Guangnong li-xing Chen, vice President of the chairman and professor of "undergraduate teaching practice base".From now on also revealed our new chapter of university-enterprise cooperation.The cooperation between colleges and tailored qualified personnel;Research and development of complementary advantages, cultivate technical elite.

The university-enterprise cooperation signing, opening ceremony finally in the force of the company leadership and the teachers of zhejiang university came to a close in the photo.