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LIAO TECH – Carrying out “Safety Month in Production” Series of Activities
Posted on:2016-07-24

In order to thoroughly implement the relevant requirements of activities of “conscientiously carry out the Safety Month in Production” by Safety Supervision Department from Country, Province, City and District, in order to improve LIAO TECH’s safety consciousness and management levels of safety production, since this June, we are carrying out “Safety Month in Production” Series of Activities.

On 16th June, we held activities – questionnaire of “Security Knowledges in safety month in production”, Participants’ full coverage, brings new vigor and vitality into “Security Re Education”.

On 23rd June 01:00 PM, we held seminar about Security production and management, organized the management team watching trailer about the security education, and held a discussion for that as well. On the discussion, the Administration Department arranged to learn about all the organization setting of security production management, all accountability of security production and all emergency plans of security production. Vice President of Product Mr. Yu XiaoMing, made key deployments of emergency handling for fireproof, loss prevention, pickproof, flood prevention and power failure, and make request for how to use the fire-fighting equipment and how to improve the service management as standard. He emphasized that the“Safety Month in Production” was a very important activity, in the coming of hot summer season, everyone must deepen the understanding, enhance the sense of responsibility, solidly to carry out every working during the“Safety Month in Production”. Every department every post should earnestly implement the systems of subject of liabilities for security production, must vigorously enhance the consciousness of security production, firmly establish the concept of security production. We all must earnestly carry out the message of the meeting and practically to improve the security management level.

And besides, the Administration Department also posted the picture posters about Security Production, in the areas of bulletin board and production plant etc.

Various series of flexible, efficient and effective "Safety Month in Production" activities organized by LIAO TECH, further firmly established the security awareness of "hidden risk is more danger in the fire, prevention is more important than disaster relief, security is extremely the most important", improved everyone’s s comprehensive quality about safety production and built up a solid basis for efficiently carrying out the safety production activities in future.